Rules 2019

1. General Terms and Conditions

2. Entry conditions

3. The process of the Competition

4. General rules and other information

1. General Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is open to young candidates of all nationalities. They are divided into 2 categories:


1st age group – 16-21 years

2nd age group – 22-32 years

(inclusive at the time of the registration)

Lied duo (voice and piano): 18-35 years (inclusive at the time of the registration)
The performance of the duo will be evaluated as the solo performance of the vocalist and the quality of the ensemble. Pianist’s performance will not be evaluated separately.

2. The competition consists of 2 public rounds

3. The order in which participants will perform will be determined by random drawing. This order is kept through all rounds of the competition. All participants, however, should be ready to a change in the schedule and order of performances

4. Member of jury does not attribute points to his/her own students. Also he/she must not vote for a candidate who is, or has been, one of their pupils (private or public) or who is a relative (up to 4th degree) of the jury member in question

5. Awards are per category and age group and they may be shared or not attributed at the discretion of the Jury and Organizing Committee :

1 prize — diploma and laureateship, special prize

2 prize — diploma and laureateship, special prize

3 prize — diploma and laureateship, special prize

6. Jury and the Organizing Committee may establish special prizes for participants, teachers and accompanists:

– Best accompanist
– Young hope Award (attributed by association Triomphe de l’Art, asbl)
– Special prize(s) from the opera agency Arien Music Agency Arts & Music Mgt
– Alumni prize(s) of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (KCB) for one or several participants (graduated students of KCB) : a concert of the laureates in the KCB
– Special prize(s) from Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (KCB) for one or several participants (students of KCB) : a concert of the laureates in the KCB
– Special prize(s) from Triomphe de l’Art, asbl : Concert of the laureates in the Musica Mundi School in Waterloo on 30th of November 2019
– Special prize(s) from Jewellery design Arena Agadzhanyan
– Special prize(s) from Rose d’Anvers (Rose with diamonds)
– Special money prize from the jury member Anna Samuil
– Special prize from International Pushkin Foundation for the best interpretation of an opera / lied piece based on the work of the Russian poet A.S. Pushkin
– Arinka Soap Award (attributed by company Arinka soap)
– The Best performance of a work by a Belgian composer
– Masterclass from one or several members of jury

7. The jury has the right:

a) to award not all prizes;

b) to share prizes (except Grand Prix) between candidates;

c) to award the diploma of “Laureate of international competition Triomphe de l’Art”;

8. The decision of the Jury is final and irrevocable

9. The results of the competition are announced not later than the day of the competition’s final gala concert

10. Pianists designated by the organizers (official pianists) of the competition are at the disposal of the participants for some additional fee. If a participant needs such a pianist, it is necessary to indicate so in the application form. Participants may, nonetheless, have a personal accompanist. If it’s the case, it should be indicated in the application form (as well as the accompanying instrument). The organizers of the competition provide only piano accompanists as well as only piano instruments. All other kinds of accompanying instruments must be brought by the candidate (or his or her personal accompanist) at his or her own expenses. The personal accompanists’ travel and accommodation expenses are NOT covered by the competition. The schedule of rehearsals are to be decided by mutual agreement between accompanist and participant. Scores should be sent, along with the application form, to the following e-mail:

Scores written by hand will not be accepted.

Candidate has to send the scores for the official pianists (if candidate does not bring his own pianist for accompaniment) of the competition together with his/her application for the competition. If candidate sends the scores after the 8 November 2019, official pianists have a right to refuse to accompany the candidate or to ask for additional fees.

11. The participant has a right to choose the order in which he/she will play the different works in his/her program. He has to write this order in the application form as well as the duration of each composition in his/her program. After 8 November 2019 the candidate’s program and its order cannot be changed.

12. By participating in the competition, the candidates and their accompanists grant to the Competition and association Triomphe de l’Art, asbl the right to record, to reproduce and to arrange for the reproduction of their performances in the competition and at the concerts in any existing or future medium, as well as the right to broadcast their performances by any televised or radio broadcast means, including the Internet, cable networks, terrestrial or other broadcasting, live or pre-recorded, in Belgium or abroad

13. All the participants qualified for the 2nd round and their accompanist are required to perform with no claim to any compensation at the final Gala concert of the competition as well as at the 2nd additional concert if it is confirmed by the Organizing Committee. At the Gala concert, participant must perform the work of the composer who lived before the year 1948 unless mandated otherwise by the Organizing Committee

14. Winner of the Grand Prix and the winners of the 1st prize of the previous editions of the contest are eligible to participate in the next contest only by applying to another age group or/and another category

15. In the “Opera” discipline the entire program of the participant must be performed live by heart. In the category “Lied duo” participants may perform with scores.

16. In case of non-fulfillment of the mentioned conditions, the musician will lose all his/her prizes

2. Entry Conditions

1. Application deadline: 8 November 2019

2. Completed (in English, French or Dutch) and signed application forms must be sent by e-mail to: . Application forms can be downloaded at the competition website: “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl”

In the application form the candidate MUST indicate:

First and Last name of the candidate

Date of birth and age group

Candidate’s School / University (or other educational institution if applicable) and contacts of this institution, candidate’s degree obtained from this institution or the future degree and candidate’s actual year of study

Home address, postal index, telephone number, e-mail.

Program to be performed at each round of the competition including the composers’ names, names of the compositions, duration of compositions and order of compositions

First and last names of the accompanist (if candidate comes with his/her own accompanist) his/her home address, telephone number and e-mail.

The Direction of the competition reserves the right to use all the information and photos in order to provide them to the media. All rights (copyrights) to the recording during the competition belong to the association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl”

Candidates admitted to the competition will receive an official invitation.
The candidate cannot change his or her announced program for the competition after the application deadline ( 8 November 2019 ).

3. One or more official documents (originals or certified copies) establishing the candidate’s place and date of birth

4. A short CV in English, French or Dutch (that can be published) including details of education, names of teachers, principal concerts, recitals, and awards

5. Candidate must send to the competition one photo of good quality (minimum 300 dpi) for reproduction in the official brochure of the competition. It should be taken not earlier than 6 months before the application. He/she must also send another color passport photo in format 3×4

6. Copies of diplomas of winners, publications in the press, concert reviews, etc… if applicable.

7. Application fee
* Opera discipline:
1st age group 16 – 21 years : 80 euros
2nd age group 22 – 32 years : 100 euros

* Lied duo discipline:
18 – 35 years : 50 euros from each participants of the ensemble

For the students of KCB in the Opera discipline (for all age groups) application fee is 50 euros.
For the students of KCB in the Lied duo category the reduced price is 25 euros for each participants who studies in KCB. For participants who do not study in KCB, the price is not reduced (50 euros).
KCB valid student card must be submitted with the application by email in order to get the reduced price.

Application fee must be paid via a bank transfer (banking commissions to be paid by the candidate) to the following bank account by 8 November 2019.

IBAN: BE27 0018 5876 0173
Account holder: Triomphe de l’Art, asbl




8. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the loss of documents and materials submitted by the candidate for participation in the competition. The entrance fee as well as submitted materials will under no condition be returned to candidate.

9. All materials sent to the Organizing Committee should be available in one of the official languages of the competition: English, French or Dutch. The Organizing Committee may accept materials in a non-official language of the competition, but in this case it must be accompanied by a clear translation in one of the official languages of the competition(English, French or Dutch).

10. In the case candidates and persons accompanying them need a visa in order to come at the competition, they must apply and pay for visa or any other travel documents on their own. If necessary, the Organizing Committee may assist candidates in obtaining visa. The Organizing Committee, at the request of the candidate, can send an official invitation for the contest. At the same time, the competition and The Organizing Committee are not responsible for eventual refusal of visa or any other legal issues preventing the candidate to arrive at the competition. Participants are also responsible for paying any transportation fees for their instruments.

3. The process of the Competition

1. Each candidate admitted to take part in the public rounds agrees to participate in those rounds according to the time and the date defined by the Organizing Committee, unless prevented from doing so by illness or accident certified by a legal attestation from a doctor, police or other official. In this case, the time and the date of his or her performance may be modified at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

2. Candidates must be present at the registration and drawing lots on 19 November 2019. If candidate is not able to come at the registration and the drawing lots on 19 November 2019, the candidates must warn the Organizing Committee before 8 November 2019 about his/her exceptional situation. In this case the Organizing Committee reserves the right to allow (or not) the candidate to participate in the competition.

3. In all rounds the candidate performs with accompaniment or a cappella.

4. If the participant performs with the official accompanist of the competition, the participant must bring exactly the same version scores of all the performed works.

5. Participants will cover their own travel expenses, as well as food and accommodation

6. At the each round and at the gala concert, participant must be dressed in the concert suit and shoes.

7. The organizing committee can provide participants with recommendations for hotels or Bed & Breakfasts. Booking and payment is made by the participants themselves. The organizing committee, without any guarantees, can assist in providing accommodation

8. Travel expenses and stay during the competition of parents, personal accompanists, teachers or any other accompanying persons will be the responsibility of the participant. According to preliminary applications, the Organizing Committee may assist in arranging accommodation of these persons, as well as send them an invitation.

9. If, after being eliminated from the contest, the participant and his or her delegation want to stay until the end of the competition, they must pay their own accommodation during this period.

10. The Organizing Committee will provide the contestants with more information about public transportation and possible accommodations places in Brussels

11. Performances of participants will be evaluated by an international jury by secret ballot

12. The jury’s decisions at all stages are final and not subject to discussion, review, or appeal

13. The jury has the right to interrupt the candidate’s performance. The jury and the Organizing Committee have the right to cut the program of the candidates by removing one or several pieces from the program or by removing some part of the performed composition

14. The day before the gala concert the Director of Competition and the Jury have the right to pick a piece for the candidate from his or her repertoire to perform at the gala concert.

15. Director of Competition and the Jury will select candidates who will perform at the final gala concert. Selected candidates must play at the gala concert. If selected candidates do not perform the selected pieces at the gala concert, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to put the person out of the competition, to withdraw the title of winner, diploma or any other special prize, title or any other reward won or earned at the competition

4. General rules and other information

1. The final decision for all questions that arise in the process of organizing and conducting the contest are up to the Organizing Committee.

2. In case of violation of the contest rules, the Organizing Committee and the Jury have the right to remove the participant from the contest

3. Participants and jury members must abstain from making any statements in the media during the contest unless mandated by the Organizing Committee

4. Association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl” has the exclusive rights (applicable to all countries) to broadcast audio /video recording, editing, production and distribution of materials in all rounds of the competition, as well as all the events of the contest, including the opening and closing ceremony of the contest. Association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl” has the exclusive right to use the recorded audio / video content for free and without obtaining the permission of the participants, accompanists and jury members who took part in concerts during the competition

5. No recording audio or video devices are allowed at all the rounds and gala concert (including interviews) of the competition, unless officially mandated by the Organizing Committee

6. The association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl” has the right to transfer the rights specified in point 5 of this Regulation to third parties

7. The official languages of the competition are English, French and Dutch. The texts in English are legally binding. If anyone wants to make an official translation of these terms or of other materials of the competition, this person must notify the association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl” or The Organizing Committee about their actions and get the agreement. Without such agreement The Organizing Committee and the association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl” are not responsible for possible problems caused by inaccuracies in the translation of the above materials

8. Medical insurance and insurance against loss and damage to the instrument or luggage in case of an accident, fire or theft while traveling is made at the personal expense of participants. If the participant’s insurance is not in order, the contest is not responsible and does not cover any medical expenses.

9. Participants of the competition should not give any public performances during the competition, except for performances scheduled by Organizing Committee. This condition is valid until the end of the gala concert.

10. Force Majeure. The contest may be canceled or postponed due to epidemics, fires, earthquakes, strikes, war, delays of flights or other transports, and other force majeure.

11. The candidate must not play his own compositions.

12. The candidate must submit the name of the composer, the full name of the composition, tonality, opus number, the duration and the publication of each composition

13. The candidate may decide on the repeats in the composition, provided that the total duration of the work will not exceed the allowed duration.

14. Changes to the submitted program are not allowed, unless exceptionally sanctioned by The Organizing Committee

15. After the contest The Organizing Committee may organize a concert tour for the winners, where they are required to participate in mutual agreement between winners and The Organizing Committee

16. If candidate misses his/her scheduled performance at the round of the competition, it is at the discretion of the Organizing Committee to reschedule (or not) candidate’s performance at the round. If the Organizing Committee cannot find the possibility to reschedule the performance, the candidate is automatically eliminated from the competition. Candidates must be present in KCB at least 1,5 hour before their scheduled performance.

17. The Organizing Committee has a right to remove a category or an age group from the competition due to the small number of participants in this category or age group. The candidates of the removed category/age group will be immediately informed about such decision. Application fee paid by the candidates already applied to this category or age group will be reimbursed by the association “Triomphe de l’Art, asbl”.

18. Participation in the competition of musicians, members of jury, accompanists and others means that they agree with all the above conditions. In case of violation of conditions of the competition, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to put the person out of the competition, to withdraw the title of winner, diploma or any other special prize, title or any other reward won or earned at the competition

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