Annual International Festival of Classical Music, Jazz and Opera ” Triomphe de l’Art “

International Music Festival “Triomphe de l’Art”

The International Music Festival “Triomphe de l’Art” is held annually in Brussels (Belgium). Festival synthesizes different forms of art and collaborates with musicians and artists of different genres from baroque to jazz.

The main idea of ​the festival is to support the musical culture of Europe, attracting young musicians of different nationalities, strengthening ties between musicians from different countries and increase the level of musical culture. After all, classical music and art have an amazing ability to lift the human spirit and draw strength for the creativity. The festival will allow the public to get familiar with different genres, styles and languages.

The festival was conceived by Julietta Kocharova (PhD in pedagogical (music) sciences, laureate of international competitions and an opera singer). “I’ve always wanted something new – recognized Julietta. – I do not like to hide only behind classical music; I always want something … unusual.”

Festival 2014-2015
Festival 2015-2016
Festival 2016-2017
Festival 2017-2018
Festival 2019-2020

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